My Sister And Wife Seduced By His Old Friend- Part 2

Story you read so far.. 😀 🙂

Nadheem came in and handed some papers. He has registered a lot of property in their name for their protection.

“Are you happy darlings?”
“We love you Nadheem”

“I love every thing of you Archana. Aarthi let me see what you have.”

He made her stand and French kissed her while Archana removed her sari. He then removed her blouse and saw her black bra. He kissed it and removed the hook and with his mouth pulled the bra and stripped it out of her body. He is happy to saw her breast which is very sexy. Aarthi’s breasts are very firm he smelt it and gave a soft kiss on both her breasts.
Then he started to suck the nipples and lick the flesh of her breast. He pulled her nipples using his teeth. She moaned in pain but didn’t stop him. He then came to her navel and kissed her stomach and rubbed all over her abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked her navel for a long time.
While he licked her navel a sexy sound was produced. She too started to moan. He went to her face once again and French kissed her again and kissed and licked her cheek, nose forehead, head, her jaw, her neck and finally he kissed and flicked his tongue all over her earlobe and said something to her.
Now ahead..

He then kissed her breast and sucked on it. Then he moved to her navel. He then kissed right on her navel and sucked and licked it again. Using his lips he pulled the robe of her petticoat and released the knot.
The petticoat loosened and fell down. Now she is only with her red panty. He kissed her pussy on over the panty and snored and took a deep breath and said,

“Ok whore turn around. Let me see your other side.”

He kissed on her ass and. He took a deep breath on the odour of her ass and gave a hard kiss on her ass. Then he placed his one hand on each of her ass cheeks and started to squeeze them. He pulled her panty a little down and kissed on her ass crack. My wife is watching both of them by holding Aarthi’s baby and breastfeeding it.

Nadheem stood up and pushed his cock in the crack of Aarthi’s ass and pushed it between the two mounds. Her soft ass squeezed his hard cock. His cock was in her ass crack he pushed it into the crack and started to fuck along her ass crack she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he is giving.
He sucked her ear lobes and works his cock along the valley of her ass crack. His tip of the cock touches her pussy every time he thrust downwards. He then removed her panty and made her lie on the bed. He asked my wife also to lay on the bed. He asked them to lie down on their stomach. He went on top of my wife separated her ass cheeks and inserted his cock inside the gap of the cheeks and started to fuck her ass crack.

After some time he move on my sister and kissed her ass and separated her ass cheeks and licked the crack and put his cock inside the crack and thrust it up and down for some time. His cock is in between the two mounts of my sister. Then he made both of them lie on the bed such that my wife’s ass is touching my sisters ass. Then he inserted his cock between the gaps of their asses.
They pressed and squeezed his cock between their asses. He is heaven by feeling two sets of glorious asses squeezing and fucking his cock. He came hard between their asses. His cum is all over my wife’s and sister’s ass cheeks. He continued fucking both their ass mounts until he become limp. He ask them to go to toilet and followed them and cleaned my wife’s ass pussy and thigh first and then my sisters ass cheeks and pussy. They came out.

My wife bring them some juice. He sipped the juice and went out of the room by wearing a towel. I watch my sister and wife giggling with the baby. Suddenly I got a punch on my head and I fell down.
It is Nadheem he beat me and pulled me inside the house where my wife and sister are. They are shocked and begged nadheem to leave me. But he said, “Bitches he is an asshole. And from today I am the husband of both of you and you should be obeying me.” He tied me on the window grill. He made me nude. He slapped me hard and said,

“Look how I am going to fuck your wife and sister in front of you”
“Please don’t do this”

“Don’t ruin our life leave us”
“Ok let the bitches decide this. Aarthi, tell me who is the real man? And say the reason to the other”

Aarthi said,

“Nadheem you are the man. Because you have a cock Double the size of my husband and you are doing nice and great sex”

“Tell him that and punish him for not showing you what the real pleasure is”

Aarthi came near me, “Kena payalay ennada purushan thedi vacha enakku avan kunna edukavey 4 naall agum adhuvum 3 inch than irukkum.Etthana naal naal viral vitu aati adjust pannitu paduthiruken theriuma unakku” Archana slapped me hard on my face and continued.
“Nadheem kunnaya paar adha paathaley evalavu amsama irukku? Un indha kunnayala unnala anniayum thripthi padutha mudiyala inga paaru un Sunni eppadi irukkunu unakkay paavama illa?Idhu irukaradhukku illama irukkalam.” Nu sollitu, She bends her knee and gave me a hard smack on my abdomen.
She sat on the chair next to me and put her leg on my crotch with the chapel and started to squeeze it. Now he took my cock between both her feet with chapel and started to fuck my cock. Though it’s paining the sensation that my own sister is foot fucking me made my cock erect. She removed her chapel and slapped my cock for a few times and then my sister slapped on my face with the chapel.
Then she throws the chapel on my face and took Nadheem’s cock in between her two foots and started feet fucking. Then he asked Archana,

“Archu, tell me who is the real man? And say the reason to the other”

“Sure nadheem no doubt you are the man. Anand has satisfied me some times with his cock. But he is half the size of you. So I prefer you to be my man I want real cock and not this toy.”

Archana came near me and slapped my cock. Then she slapped me on my face and said,
“You can’t touch me anymore without Nadheem’s permission. You can only enjoy my body if you please nadheem. From now on I am his bitch.”

Nadheem pulled Archana away from me and hugged her and he kissed her on the mouth. Now Aarthi joined them and Nadheem kissed her on the mouth. He kissed both of them and squeezed their bare ass cheeks with his hands. Aarthi is in his left hand and Archana is on the right hand.
He made them lie down on the bed and smiled on both and kneeled in front of my wife’s feet and opened her legs and stared to kiss her feet, legs, thighs and he traveled towards her white pussy. She has been shaven nice. He kissed her pussy mount and separated the lips and had a lick. Then he made the licking speed faster.

He then inserted his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her for some time. He then kissed her pussy and shifted his attention towards my sister. He licked her feet to toe and finally came to her pussy. She is not shaven completely but she has shaven before a week. Very short hair has been grown.
He licked her pussy for some time and mouth fucked her pussy he sucked her pussy and put his tongue inside her love hole. He then asks Archana to hold her right leg upwards and Aarthi to hold her left leg upwards. Now both my sister’s pussy and my wife’s pussy are very close. He gave each pussy a lick and tried to identify which one is tastier? Taking turns he sucked both pussies for about 20 minutes and they said their legs are paining. So he stopped and they took test for sometime.

They untied me and ordered to bring snacks and juices. Once they have completed. Archana said she needs to pee. Nadheem asked me to lay down and signaled Archana to pee. She sat on my mouth and pissed. Then sister too wants to try me as her toilet. She came and sat positioning to pee. I am crazy to fuck my sister. So I squeezed my sister’s ass and licked her pussy.
She is shocked and jumped and stood up. She kicked me on my face and went down and asked Archana to lower my foreskin and pissed over my cock. Then he sat on the bed and asked them to suck him.
Both Archana and Aarthi looked each others face. Archana has never taken my cock inside her mouth. So I am sure they will protest and but to my surprise both Archana and Arthi smiled to each other and turned to Nadheem and said in a same voice,


They kneeled down on both his sides Archana on the left and Aarthi on the right. Aarthi started to squeeze and started to do some hand jobs. Archana opened her mouth and licked over his cock. Aarthi took the cock and lowered its foreskin and gave it a kiss and showed it to Archana she too gave a kiss.
Aarthi took it inside her mouth and give it a couple of strokes. Then she guided it into my wife’s mouth and she too gave a couple of strokes and gave it back to Aarthi. Aarthi took much of the cock as possible inside her mouth slowly but Archana at one point pushed Aarthi’s head down that made Nadheem’s cock struck on Aarthis throat and she immediately started to cough and spitted a lot of saliva over his cock and balls. That made Nadheem’s cock shines like a shiny Iron rod.

Aarthi got a little pain in her throat and sit simply and ordered me to get some juice for them. Nadeem told my wife to suck him. She kept on sucking him for about 5 minutes with out taking his cock out of her mouth forgetting her. Aarthi who was ready for the game pushed Archana’s head hardly and held her down on his cock because of that Nadheem’s cock sucked hard on her throat and because of the pain she tried to get up but Aarthi won’t leave her hair.
So Archana bite hard on Nadheem’s cock and he started to cry louder so that the neighbors could hear. He pushed Archana’s head and Aarthi leaved her as soon as Archana stood up holding her throat and coughing Nadeem got angry and slapped Archana harder.
She spitted back on Nadeem and he caught her head and French kissed her. He then asked me to stand up and made Archana bend down on the bed and asked me to guide his cock inside her pussy. I said I can’t do that. Aarthi came and slapped me and said

Do what he tells”

I took his cock in my hand and approximately positioned it in her pussy. He thrusts and his cock wasn’t at the hole and it hurts my wife. She kicked me and said do it well. Again I tried and failed. This time she got anger and got up and slapped me on my face and said

“Open my ass cheeks and guide his cock inside my pussy”

She went on to the doggy position. But he asks her to stand on her feet and bend. She did as he said and he commanded me to do my job.

Archana said
“Come on Anand I can’t wait put Nadheem’s cock inside my burning pussy.”

I parted my wife’s ass cheeks and put his cock on the entrance of her pussy. He thrust slowly as she adjusted to his size. She was biting her teeth as he thrusts in. It looks like a huge iron rod is thrusted inside a soft fruit. When his head is in he pulled it a little out until the tip of his head only stays in. When he pulls out her vaginal muscle is stretched all over his cock and her muscle is pulled outwards along with his cock to its maximum.
Slowly he increased the speed and soon his whole cock is inside her and both have started to sweat. He took her on his hands holding her thigh with out pulling his cock out. He sat on the bed and placed her on his lap and asked her to ride his cock.

She started to ride and my sister lay next to them and breast feed her baby. Archana started to ride him faster. She put both her legs on his thigh and her hands on his chest and starts riding him. Now her complete weight is on him. And she is all on him. While she rides he spanks and squeezes her ass.
Soon her ass becomes red. Her huge ass is bouncing on Nadheem’s abdomen as rides him and it is a very nice scene to watch. He slapped her as she bounces on him. Soon she cum yet another time and sat still without doing anything Nadeem pulled her hip up and she bounced on his cock for two or three strokes and again sat calmly on his abdomen. Nadeem called her,

“Come on Archana ride me come on faster I am close”
“Sorry Nadeem I can’t”

“What’s wrong Archana? Don’t feel sorry for Anand we can take care of him. Come on make me come”

“Oh god I am not feeling for Anand. But I am completely satisfied I can’t take anymore. Please leave me for sometime. Now I can’t take even a single stoke. I have never been fucked like this before.”

“Oh its ok darling take some rest lay down”

Archana can’t even get up she slowly slide from his rock hard cock and laid on the bed and closed her eyes. Nadeem turned his attention to Aarthi who is breast feeding the baby. She was laying on her side and the baby is on the bed drinking milk. He slowly rubbed her ass and slapped hard.
She jumped in pain and the nipple in the baby’s mouth comes out and milk sprayed all over the baby’s body. She again positioned to breastfeed and the baby starts to suck. This time he continuously spanked her and made her right ass cheek red. The baby is crying for milk and he wont mind. She can’t nurse the baby because of the pain. He made her lie on her stomach and spanked her left ass cheek The baby continued crying and he continued spanking.

Soon the left ass also become red and he asked her to feed the baby while she feeds he opened her ass cheek and tried to insert his cock in her pussy. He failed. He calls me and asked to insert his cock in my sister’s pussy. I opened her ass cheeks and inserted his cock. It went to wrong area and she jumped in pain and slapped me and asked to guide correctly.
She starts to feed the baby and by spreading my sisters right ass cheek I positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. It entered in and still I am holding her ass and watching the cock entering her pussy. It is very tight her pussy muscle is completely stretched and it feels very sexy as her muscle is pulled out to its maximum along with his cock. Her vaginal muscle is holding his cock very tightly.

Story continues.. 😀 🙂 😉 😛


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